Supports server-side rendering
Doesn't require page refresh

import { useRTL } from "reshaped";

Browsers display text using the left-to-right (LTR) direction by default. However, some languages, like Arabic or Hebrew, use right-to-left direction (RTL). This means that the text direction should change along with the CSS properties like margin-left, padding-left etc.

useRTL helps you detect which direction is currently used and switch between them.

function Component() {
  const [rtl, setRTL] = useRTL();

  return (
    <View gap={3}>
      Is RTL on? {rtl}
      <MenuItem roundedCorners onClick={() => setRTL(false)}>
      <MenuItem roundedCorners onClick={() => setRTL(true)}>

Content direction is a value applicable to the whole application, so its default value can be set using Reshaped provider.

<Reshaped defaultRTL={true} />

To support the default RTL value with server-side rendering, pass the value to the dir attribute to the body element.

<body dir="rtl">
() => [rtl: boolean, setRTL: (value: boolean) => {}]