Theming plugin

We've built a Figma plugin that can add themes & switch to dark mode. It works locally and does it blazingly fast. It supports theming for color, text, and effects. Visit our landing page for demo or find it directly on Figma.

Why does it exist?

When we first launched the Reshaped design system, it relied on external plugins, but soon enough, the community was reporting that something didn't work or wasn't intuitive enough. We decided to build a simple plugin that covers the basics, doesn't require complex integration or intricate token setup: open the plugin, sync styles and apply a theme. That said, we can still recommend other plugins if you're looking for a more specific solution: "Themer" and "Figma Tokens".

How it works

Add a new theme

  • Open the plugin in light mode library. Make sure your styles are published.
  • Sync styles and save. Don't forget to add your theme name.
  • Repeat for dark mode. Open another file to sync Dark mode.

Edit a theme

Just click an edit button: the flow is the same as adding a new theme.

Apply a theme

  • Open the plugin in your file and select a frame you want to apply the theme to
  • Pick a theme and color mode
  • Hit "Reshape"

That's pretty much everything you need to know. We hope you enjoy using Reshaped!